Clackamas River - Fish Creek to Bobs Hole

One of the most popular rivers that our customers use our equipment on is the beautiful Clackamas River in Estacada, Oregon due to its proximity to Portland. It offers diverse sections that cater to a variety of skill levels.

upper clackamas, carter bridge rapid


The Upper Clackamas, from Fish Creek to Bobs Hole, is hugely popular for rafters and kayaker alike. It's packed full of class III-IV rapids and requires moderate to advanced skill to run. This is a run that is essential to have the right gear for in order to have a safe and enjoyable time. The one rapid to pay particular attention to is Hole in the Wall but don't let it scare you from experiencing the amazing run on this part of the Clackamas. For a longer run of similar rapids, you can start at Indian Henry Campground which is above Powerhouse Rapid on the map below.

Upper Clackamas River Map

In the map, the river flows downstream starting from Powerhouse and ends at Bob's Hole. Check out this Upper Clackamas Guide or the description in American Whitewater to find out more about each rapid.

We recommend using our Tomcat Solo or Tandem for this stretch of the Clackamas.

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Check out this interactive map showing the run from Fish Creek Bridge down to Memaloose bridge:

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