Bending Branches Kayak Paddle

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The Bending Branches Whisper Kayak Paddle is the perfect entry-level paddle and boasts features usually found only on expensive models. The Whisper features a plastic ferrule that won't seize up in sand or salt water, a high-performance blade shape, and 3M Versafit grips. The Bending Branches Whisper paddle is an entry-level paddle with incredible features.

  • Nearly silent blade shape enters and exits water cleanly
  • Carefully engineered lightweight, injection-molded nylon and fiberglass blade design helps you paddle longer with less fatigue
  • Dihedral curve and asymmetrical power face eliminate blade flutter; thin and low-profile to reduce wind resistance
  • Blade surface area is distributed evenly for a balanced feel, uniform pull and minimal roll
  • Lightweight, strong aluminum shaft has 3M Versafitâ„¢ over the oval grip area for comfortable and confident hand control
  • Composite ferrule is extremely light and strong; tested to ensure great fit, feathering angle, breakdown ease and joint tightness
  • Feathering is adjustable to 0 or 60 degrees, with left or right hand control
  • Comes with heavy-duty rubber drip rings

whisper kayak paddle
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