Clackamas River Shuttle Pass

Clackamas River Shuttle Pass image

The Clackamas River is one of the most popular sections to run because of it's close proximity to Portland and our location here in Happy Valley. Typically, people will have to bring 2 cars and waste a ton of time driving from one park to the other just to coordinate transportation. This is a huge hassle. You have to pay to enter each park, it's time consuming and it's crowded. Because of this, we've had a lot of requests to provide a shuttle from Carver to Barton Park on the lower section of the Clackamas.

Our shuttle bus will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon till dusk from Barton to Carver, Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. If you're renting any of our equipment and need a way to get back up river to your car, make it easy and purchase a pass when you place your reservation online. We'll provide you with a ticket when you pick up your gear here at our Happy Valley location. Simply present it to the driver and enjoy the ride.

If you forget to prepay for a shuttle bus pass, don't worry. You can always pay the driver at the park. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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