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Whats a Class I, II, III, IV, V, VI?

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Class I : EASY – Waves are small; passages clear. No serious obstacles.

Class II : MEDIUM – Rapids of moderate difficulty with passages clear.

Class III : DIFFICULT – Waves are numerous, high, irregular; rocks; eddies; rapids with passages clear though narrow, requiring expertise in maneuvering.

Class IV : VERY DIFFICULT – Long rapids; waves powerful and irregular; dangerous rocks, boiling eddies; powerful and precise maneuvering required.

Class V : EXTREMELY DIFFICULT – Long and violent rapids following each other almost without interruption; riverbed extremely obstructed; big drops; violent current; very steep gradient

Class VI : DANGEROUS The difficulties of Class V carried to the extreme. Nearly impossible and very dangerous. For teams of experts only. Involves risk of life. Class VI rapids are not commercially raftable.

Note: The difficulty of a river may vary significantly with fluctuations in water level. The ratings listed usually refer to the rivers’ difficulties at normal, summer levels. Don’t judge a river by it’s put-in pool and take-out, know what’s downstream.

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