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Inflatable kayak rentals, Portland OR | Rent Aire Tomcat kayaks, Airhead Montana kayaks, Solstice Rafts

We hope that everyone is being responsible and safe during these unusual times with the Covid-19 outbreak. At Oregon River Rentals it is in the forefront of our minds and we are dealing with this disruption the best that we can.

We know that as we approach nicer weather here in the Pacific Northwest, the desire to get out on the water increases. We are doing our part to keep social distancing and cleanliness a focus of our operation. We are open and continue to clean each and every boat and piece of equipment before the next use.

Whether you’re exploring the second deepest lake in Oregon at Waldo Lake or testing your skills against the whitewater rapids of the Upper Clackamas, Oregon River Rentals has the kayaks, rafts, float tubes, and SUP’s you need to make your self-guided water adventures go safely and smoothly. We are a home-based rental business and while we are not associated with any particular body of water, we can definitely recommend rivers and lakes to check out. Once you identify what day you’d like to rent equipment, simply contact us to check for availability, place the online reservation and pick up your gear. Simple…just the way we like it.

We also operate a shuttle service between Carver Park and Barton Park utilizing our 2 15 passenger buses. We are running shuttle through Labor Day weekend 2019. Just look for the big white buses at Carver starting at 3:00 Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Simply pay the driver via cash or credit/debit card and you’re on your way. We are excited to continue to offer this convenient service to help make your time enjoying the beauties of the Northwest even easier. Find more details here.

Give us a call today at 503-898-0138 or chat with us online to check availability and to make a reservation.

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