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Trip – Willamette River at Molalla River State Park

The Willamette River near Canby feels more like a very long lake than a river. You can paddle upstream as easily as downstream. This makes a shuttle unnecessary, so you can do this trip by yourself. Although houses and boat docks dot the shoreline on both sides of the river, the scenery is lush with trees towering over the river banks.

You’ll find a boat launch at the Molalla River State Park, allowing direct access to the Willamette River.

The mouth of the Mollala river empties into the Willamette about 1/2 a mile upstream from the boat launch. If you are ambitious and the water level allows, you can paddle up the Molalla and explore the natural surroundings.

Just half a mile or so downstream from the boat launch you can see the Canby Ferry shuttling passengers and cars across the Willamette.

Try your hand at fishing, or just lean back and relax in the sun. And if you are determined to do some exercise, you’ll have open stretches of flat water in both directions for miles.

We recommend either the Explorer Solo, Tandem or Aire Sawtooth inflatable kayak.

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